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Salon - Motek 2019 à Stuttgart, Allemagne

mercredi, 18 septembre 2019 15:08

Adaptsys vous invite au salon Motek à Stuttgart, Allemagne, du 7 au 10 octobre 2019 (stand 8518) 


At this year's Motek, Adaptsys will introduce the latest version of the Re-flex II On-demand Tape Forming System, which can now form pockets up to 30mm in depth on tape widths from 12mm to 88mm. With an updated S/W release providing an enhanced user experience, the latest modification to the Re-flex II (On-demand) Carrier Tape Forming System highlights the system’s usability.
Further details can be found online at

Also at Motek...

TM-50OEM from V-Tek International

The OEM version of the V-TEK TM-50 taping machine is an extremely reliable and compact system  designed for the purpose of simple integration.  At this year's show, it will be connected to the Re-flex II to demonstrate the Adaptsys Tape Forming System's unique function of outputting  directly into the device placement process (On-demand). 

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