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Salon - Productronica 2019 à Munich, Allemagne

jeudi, 31 octobre 2019 14:14

Adaptsys vous invite au salon Productronica à Munich, Allemagne, du 12 au 15 novembre 2019 (halle A1, stand 353) pour voir 'la prochaine génération de gestion bande alvéolée' par...

Created by Adaptsys and deployed on the Re-flex II, On-Demand Tape is a revolutionary technology that eliminates the need to source and hold bulky stock of pre-formed tape, thereby saving on costs and storage space, and making logistics and shipping more manageable. By removing the reliance on suppliers, the system offers greater overall control of the taping process. What's more, Re-flex II is easy to set up, operate and implement, plus ROI can be achieved in as little as four months!
At this year's Productronica, Adaptsys presents the new 'Xinder' - the Re-flex II Cross-winder with an ultra-compact design and fully integrated hardware and software. This easy-to-use and robust addition to the Re-flex II offers customers the flexibility of being able to output to single or crosswind reels. The count is tracked and monitored at reel and fed back to the Re-flex II. This effective two-way communication ensures that the 'Xinder' counts and winds in an even manner, guaranteeing faultless reels every time.
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Also at this year's Productronica...

New ProgWorx AFS programming solution from Adaptsys
Showing for the first time at Productronica is ProgWorx AFS, the latest addition to the Adaptsys ProgWorx range. Through collaboration with our partner Elite Interfaces, ProgWorx technology has been integrated into the AFS 150 end-of-line board handler. Powered by the FlashRunner 2.0 parallel in-system programmer, the 16-channel ISP solution provides a powerful engine targeted at high volume production programming.
Exclusive world debut at Productronica
At this year's Productronica, BPM unveils the latest in Automated Programming System Technology, designed to make device programming even faster, easier and more profitable. Also on stand is the 4910 Automated Programmer featuring WhisperTeach and on-the-fly vision alignment, as well as the 2900L Manual Production Programmer with its ergonomic design.
TM-50OEM manual taper from V-Tek International
Specialising in precision packaging, inspection and bond testing equipment, V-TEK have been providing their USA manufactured systems to a range of industries, including electronics, automotive and medical, for in excess of 30 years. At this year's show, we present the OEM version of the V-TEK TM-50, a very reliable and compact system designed for the purpose of simple integration. 
LAN2.0 NXG from SMH Technologies  Adaptsys will also be showing a range of In-System Programming solutions from SMH including the FlashRunner 2.0 and newly released FlashRunner LAN2.0 NXG. With its revolutionary technology, this programmer can be easily integrated inside the fixture. In addition, the user has the option of enabling 1 to 4 independent and parallel channels, depending on their needs.

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Adaptsys will be exhibiting at Productronica in Munich, Germany on 12-15 November 2019. Please click on the button above to request your free entry voucher. We look forward to welcoming you to our stand (Hall A1, Booth 353).


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