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kedd, 31 május 2022 10:59


Visit Adaptsys on Booth #N1014 at SEMICON SEA in Penang, Malaysia on June 21-23, 2022


adaptsys rgb 250x70

Re-flex II enables you to produce component carrier tape in-house as and when you need it, removing the need to store pre-formed reels. It produces both standard and custom tape pockets either directly on to a tape and reel system in-line “On Demand” or output to reel. The system can form pockets up to 25mm in depth on tape widths from 8mm to 88mm.  By removing the reliance on suppliers, the system offers greater overall control of the taping process. What's more, Re-flex II is easy to set up, operate and implement, plus ROI can be achieved in as little as four months!

Silcon Semiconductor Front Page            Click here to read the full article on Re-flex II featured recently in Silicon Semiconductor magazine

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