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Adaptsys at IPC APEX EXPO 2023 in San Diego

csütörtök, 19 január 2023 13:53

Adaptsys to show the latest version of the Re-flex II Carrier Tape Forming System at IPC APEX in San Diego on January 24-26, 2023 (Booth 1100) 


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With innovation not seen in the Carrier Tape industry in decades, the Re-flex II Carrier Tape Forming System sets itself apart from all other carrier tape forming systems by providing a platform for in-line ‘real-time’ carrier tape production. Unlike other tape forming systems that rely on the use of cardboard reels as the output method, the Re-flex II forms carrier tape on demand, directly into the tape and reel process.

Offering significant advantages over the traditional method of Carrier Tape management, the Re-flex II will:
·  Save you money
·  Eliminate lengthy material lead times
·  Improve process
·  Simplify inventory
·  Reduce waste

Handling material widths from 8mm thru 88mm and with the capacity to form an almost infinite variety of pockets (including depths up to 30mm), the Re-flex II has the flexibility as the chosen solution for many market sectors including, but not limited to - Semi-conductors, Connectors, Metal-stamping…and with a visual inspection on every pocket coming as standard, QA is guaranteed.

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