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The FlashRunner range of products provide a Universal/Manufacturer Specific In-System Programming (ISP) solution designed for the production environment. All models are operable in either ‘stand alone’ or ‘host controlled’ mode.

The majority of ISP protocols are supported by the FlashRunner (BDM, JTAG, SPI, I2C, MON, ICC, SCI, etc.) and to guarantee data integrity every data transfer to/from the host system or Secure Digital Card is CRC tagged.

Programming Engine – piggyback and RS-232 connectivity
Programming Engine – DSub connector layer, including LAN connectivity
8-Site Programming Engine – piggyback, RS-232 and LAN connectivity
Rackmount/Desktop Programmer – RS-232 and LAN connectivity
ATE-oriented Programming Engine – RS-232 and LAN connectivity
Manufacturer Specific In-System Programmer – using FR01LAN hardware
Entry level Manufacturer Specific In-System Programmer
FlashRunner 2.0 is the most innovative In-System parallel programmer for 8, 16 and 32bit based microcontrollers and serial memories. It implements the most innovative cutting-edge technology that features 16 independent parallel programming channels; this product, thanks to its flexibility, is specifically designed to program multi-PCB panels assemblies and highly structured boards with several devices mounted on. The user-friendly new FR2.0 WorkBench GUI allows the system to be configured in just a few clicks, ensuring rapid time-to-production.
The latest product in the FlashRunner 2.0 family with its revolutionary programming technology.
True Parallel In-System Programmer – 4 channel, with multiplexed options of 8 and 16 channel, designed for programming multi-PCB panel assemblies
True 8 Channel Parallel In-System Programmer, designed for programming multi-PCB panel assemblies