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The TM-700 is a turret-based processing system capable placing small devices into carrier tape, up to 22,000 parts per hour.

It is also designed as an easily configurable system allowing for up to 5 independent processes prior to reject binning and tape output. With its servo-controlled vertical motion, the Hawk is able to run today's delicate parts through multiple processes with precise acceleration/deceleration as needed. The TM-700 can be converted easily between different input media and part size as determined by configuration.

Part Size

  • 0402 and greater
  • Smaller sizes possible

Input(can be converted quickly)

  • Bowl (CCW or CW)
  • Universal Tube Feeder

Process Options Available

  • Test (Multiple-site capable around turret)
  • Vision Inspection (orientation, Mark, Package Inspection)
  • Laser marking
  • Reject Sorting

Tape Output

  • Available 2D in-pocket inspection prior to seal
  • Adjustable tape sizes 8-24mm
  • Heat or PSA seal


Height: 208cm

Width: 213cm

Depth: 86cm

Weight: 98.5Kg

Power: 210VAC ~ 240VAC 8A max

Air: 15 SCFM at 80 PSI

UPH: up to 22,000 
The units per hour is limited by the input device and processes required prior to placement in the output device

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